Using EMDR Techniques for Anxiety – A Lunchtime Webinar


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September 10th, 2021 | 12:00-1:15pm EST

Ah, September. No matter your age, September still seems to bring those ‘back to school’ butterflies. For some, however, the flurry of activity that is required at the start of this season can bring more than butterflies – stronger feelings of anxiety, irritability, low mood, difficulty focusing, feeling unproductive or unmotivated – these are some of the symptoms that we see show up in the therapy room.

In this lunchtime Zoom session, we will use tools and techniques from EMDR therapy to access feelings of calm, bring down an over-stimulated nervous system, and help you feel more aware and able to manage your thoughts and emotions. If you’ve heard of EMDR therapy (thank you Prince Harry!) and find yourself curious about what it’s all about, come and join us on September 10th.


12:00pm – Okay, so what is this EMDR thing?

12:15pm – Introducing Dual Awareness Stimulation and Developing a Calm Place

12:30pm – Introducing Resource Development and Installation

12:45pm – Introducing the Two-Hand Interweave

1:00pm – Practicing the Use of a Container and Closing

Questions and Inquiries can be directed to If you’d like to join and the fee is prohibitive, please email for an access link at no cost.


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