Therapy Sessions

People often come to see me with experiences of anxiety and overwhelm, depression and grief, and/or histories of trauma. Sometimes people come to see me for self-reflective space for personal growth. I work in a very relational, gentle, and collaborative way.

Fertility, Prenatal, & Postnatal Counselling

Wanting to become a mama and becoming a mama can be very tough paths – they require an abundance of support and community. I support women and their partners on all parts of this path.

Virtual Workshops

If you’re looking for a wellness workshop for your team or event, let’s connect.

We can’t push darkness out. We can only bring light in.

Elizabeth Gilbert


Hello. Thanks for being here. My name is Danielle. Welcome to this page, and to these ideas. And if you’d like to talk, I’d love to hear from you.

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Location (I have moved!)

21 King St W, 5th floor
Hamilton, ON

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